▲ To Infinity and Beyond
St pauls 
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Circus - Brixton village
Sunset in camden town
Watching the sunset in camden
shot with Canon ixus 220 HS
Camden Town - Stables Market
I was attracted to the Chandeliers 
photo taken with Canon ixus 220 HS 

If I believed
If I believed what I’ve been told
Every day
To say no grace every night I couldn’t stay 
Here alone

If I leave this place
Everything fades

What will my ghost embrace
Will my soul still fill a space

I walk the halls
Endless stairs
Here’s where the floor starts to fade

With weakened knees I sway two ways and fall to the floor 
Where I’ve prayed

It’s not the same
I don’t fall one way

One day my light laid wait 
One night a nightfall sang
A fictional last few days
An epilogue ends and hangs

Liverpoolstreet station
Liverpool street skylines
A few weekends ago there was these masses of yellow clouds in the sky
St Paul’s cathedral